“Disorderly Persons” in New Jersey

In New Jersey, a “Disorderly Persons Offense” refers to a category of violations that are adjudicated at the Municipal Court level rather than in State Superior Court. However, even though such violations are handled in town courts, they can still result in serious penalties including substantial fines and even jail time.

Some examples of Disorderly Persons Offenses include: Offensive Touching, Possession of 50 Grams or Less of Marijuana, Shoplifting items with a retail value of less than $200, Lewdness and Harassment. A conviction can mean a range of penalties, up to a $500 fine and six months in prison. Additionally, a conviction could show up on future background checks affecting employment and professional licensing.

There are ways to fight such charges, have them downgraded, or seek alternative penalties that can save time and money and, in some cases, keep a person’s record clean. And in cases where the accused has already pleaded guilty or has been convicted in court, expungement may be available.

Before pleading guilty to a Disorderly Persons offense in Municipal Court, obtain a free consultation at Kurkowski Law.