The NJLAD and New Jersey’s Equal Pay Act further a distinctive public policy directed to improving the status of women in the workforce particularly with respect to their compensation. Traditional ideas about what females should look like and stereotype the conceptions about their abilities are improper criteria for evaluating women in the workplace.

An employer may violate the NJLAD by paying women lower wages then it pays men perform a similar work. It is also unlawful to assign a have your workload or additional duties to female employees performing the same job functions as male employees. Likewise, it is impermissible to limit promotional opportunities to men when both male and female employees are qualified for them. Finally, it is prohibited from assigning duties such as laundry, washing, serving, and cooking to women due to the stereotype that is traditional functions that women do. If you feel that you have been treated differently in your workplace because of your gender contact an experienced employment lawyer at Kurkowski Law for a free consultation today.