Reverse discrimination occurs in the unique instance where the minority discriminates against the majority. In such instances, a Plaintiff seeking damages must show all the elements of a regular discrimination case, plus the extra element that the Plaintiff, although a member of the majority in a traditional classification of discrimination terminology, was actually the minority in this instance; and the minority under the traditional classification was actually the majority in this particular instance. For example, in a gender case, it is unlawful for a hospital to only hire female nurses because of the illegal stigmatism that nursing is traditionally a female position. Another example, in a race case, it is unlawful for a predominantly African American fire department to only promote African American firefighters and ignore civil service test results of all qualified firefighters. Further, the NJLAD protects minorities from discrimination from other minorities. An example of which is where a predominantly Hispanic municipal government discriminates against African Americans and Caucasians alike. Such examples are used to show how these laws, which predominantly protect minorities, protect all employees from discrimination in the unique context where the minority is actually the majority. If you believe that you are experiencing reverse discrimination, contact an experienced employment lawyer at Kurkowski Law, LLC today.